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These videos are from a panel discussion where Adam shared his professional insights and we are pleased to share them here.

Introducing Adam Gresh... 

Adam Gresh

Adam Gresh: CISO at Modernizing Medicine. 

Adam is an expert agile craftsman who has been providing technical leadership by example since 1996. He has been involved in securing web applications for over 10 years and is an EC-Council Certified Chief Information Security Officer.

For more than 20 years Adam has been creating and leading teams of software engineers and operations specialists in developing and deploying applications for everything from billing systems for life insurance to tracking helicopter maintenance to modernizing the way that doctors interact with patients. His experience with operations teams has included everything from scheduling and monitoring mainframe batch workflows to leading teams in the creation of physical and cloud based data centers with state of the art monitoring solutions.



Discussing the Maersk Ransomware Attack


Password Spraying and Storage of Biometric Data


Thoughts on Medical Information Sharing and Government Agency Involvement  


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