A security strategic plan is the foundation of a complete security program for any company in any industry. The objective of a strategic plan is to chart a course for the organization to develop a more mature security environment and to evolve that environment over time.

A sound security strategy considers security threats and vulnerabilities that are known to the organization, and also plans for emerging threats. It includes tactical security elements that support the overarching strategic plan.

Strategic Planning Hurdles

Organizations sometimes experience shortfalls in personnel, budget, skillsets, and other resources, whether due to overall economic conditions or specific internal issues. Strategic planning may be relegated to a back burner as a result.

Fortunately, there is an effective, modern solution to these challenges in the form of a Virtual Chief Information Security Officer or VCISO.

A qualified VCISO works on your behalf as an executive-level security strategist focused on developing and delivering your security strategic plan on time and on target. And without the daily distractions that plague permanent, full-time members of the information security team.

Security Strategic Planning Services

The qualified VCISOs at 24By7Security work with members of your management team, and leverage other relevant resources, to create a high-level security strategic plan with a three-year outlook. The plan includes tactical initiatives that may be phased over 90 days, 12 months, 24 months, up to 36 months.

Review of Current Security Program. The initial step in developing your plan is a security strategic review. Our VCISO will review your most recent security risk assessment to understand the data protection processes and systems currently in place and scheduled to be implemented. Absent a recent report, the VCISO will direct a security risk assessment to be conducted as a baseline. This phase also includes interviews with appropriate personnel and reviews of security documentation and IT system and process information.

Plan Development. The security strategic plan provides recommendations and target dates for strategic and tactical initiatives designed to harden information security. It will include recommendations for developing personnel, processes, procedures, and upgrades to technologies that will be needed to implement the plan over the three-year timeframe.

Resources. Based on findings from the review, our VCISO will provide recommendations for any staffing, resources, and budgetary assets that may be required to support the strategic plan. We also include timeline and milestone recommendations, and tactical priorities, for the steps involved in executing the plan.

In addition to these benefits and deliverables, employing a VCISO for the project means that your security strategic plan can be developed at a pre-agreed cost by a qualified, credentialed information security professional.

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