Cyber Board Advisory Services (CBAS)

Our Cyber Board Advisory Services (CBAS) are two-pronged:

  1. We can assist CIOs and CISOs in their ability to gain Board and Executive confidence in their Cyber Security Program leading to more support, direction, and oversight as obligated by their leadership accountability.
  2. We can advise and educate the Board of Directors to better understand cybersecurity concepts at a high level, to understand the Board's options to manage cyber risks in the best way possible and to communicate appropriately with the company's C-suite executives.

The Board of Directors and C-Suite Executives are accountable for the efficacy and effectiveness of their corporation's Cyber Security Program to protect their corporate information and system assets at an acceptable level of risk, yet they may not know how to evaluate the Cyber Security Program that they are accountable for.

Nobody wants to be in the news due to a Cyber Security breach and with Cyber Security awareness increasing dramatically, our Cyber Board Advisory Services provide a thorough understanding of the characteristics of a mature and comprehensive Cyber Security Program.

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What It Takes To Have A Comprehensive Cyber Security Program

  • Access to necessary resources:
    • People
    • Tools
    • Services

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