Cyber Incident Investigation

When a security breach or data breach has been detected, specific actions must be taken to thoroughly investigate. The organization's incident response plan is immediately called into action. Roles and responsibilities are activated, as identified in the incident response plan. In this phase, the first step after incident detection is containment – to ensure that the breach does not propagate further. Immediately after containment, a complete cyber incident investigation must be conducted.

Our Services for Cyber Incident Investigation

The cybersecurity specialists at 24By7Security employ the latest methodologies in the continually evolving space of cybercrime investigation. Applying our experience and expertise, we work hand in hand with you to conduct a thorough investigation, including activities such as:

  • Reviewing network logs and alerts
  • Analyzing root cause and contributing factors
  • Determining whether to engage law enforcement
  • Reporting and communicating as outlined in the plan
  • Communicating continuously with the forensics team
  • Collecting and reporting findings and results 

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