Cyber Incident Investigation & Data Breach Assessments

Once a company has detected a breach, various steps need to be taken to investigate the incident fully. The incident response plan is put into action. Roles and responsibilities identified in the incident response plan are now implemented. The first step after detection is containment – to ensure that the breach does not propagate further. Immediately after containment will ensue a full investigation.

Our services for cyber incident investigation

The Cybersecurity specialists at 24By7Security, Inc. use the latest methodologies in this continually evolving space of cyber crime investigation. We will work hand in hand with you to investigate any cyber incident or breach thoroughly. This involves several activities such as:

  • Alert and log review
  • Root cause analysis
  • Determination if law enforcement should get engaged
  • Reporting and communication obligations
  • Continuous communications with forensics team
  • Post forensics data collection and reporting

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