Keeping a keen eye on the major security risks that jeopardize an organization can be a challenge. Especially for information security personnel who are stretched thin and for management and executive staff who are focused on other priorities, such as balance sheets and market competition.

Many organizations find that the risk status reporting services provided by a Virtual Chief Information Security Officer, or VCISO, provide excellent value to their information security and compliance programs.

Security Risk Status Reporting Services

A VCISO will help identify the top ten security risks within your organization and produce a baseline report on those risks.

  • The VCISO will track the ten risks, and report on them to an executive-level distribution list provided by your organization.
  • The report will indicate the risk level associated with each of the top ten security risks.
  • In addition to executive-level advisory input, the report will provide progress notes and actionable comments.
  • As risks are remediated and removed from the list, others will be added, so that the management team has a firm understanding of the most significant risks to the organization at any given time.
  • The report will be provided in electronic form each month, or on another pre-agreed schedule.

Benefits of Risk Status Reporting

Regular, reliable risk status reports are useful to key management staff and directors in providing documentary support for funding to remediate critical security vulnerabilities. Monitored over time, the reports are also useful in strategic planning for security programs, staffing, and other resourcing.

Security risk status reporting is a vital element of effective business management, information security, and regulatory compliance.

Absent existing procedures for monitoring your top security risks, employing the services of a qualified VCISO is a highly effective way to address this need.

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