Cyber Incident Remediation

Once all of the reactive steps of cyber incident response have been completed, the final step in the process is remediation. At this stage, you have all of the evidence, documentation, and results of the forensic investigation. And depending on the size and nature of the incident, you may also have been required to notify government agencies, clients, and other stakeholders and retain those communications and reports.

Remediation closes the loop on the cyber incident by answering specific questions, including:

  • What lessons were learned from this incident?
  • What counteractive tasks are necessary to close the case?
  • What corrective actions should be implemented?
  • Does the incident response plan need to be revised based on this experience?

24By7Security remediationOur Services for Cyber Incident Remediation

24By7Security can assist with all activities necessary to closing the incident response case. Our SECURITY 2.0 approach includes the counteractive measures required for full-scale remediation so that your business can return to normal as quickly as possible.

This generally involves the following activities:

  • Post-incident review, including lessons learned.
  • Documentation of lessons learned, as well as corrective actions and additional controls needed.
  • Preparation of a plan to implement those corrective actions and controls.
  • Monitoring completion of the corrective action plan.

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