Cyber Forensics

Upon detecting a security breach, data breach, or other cyber incident, an organization must conduct, as part of its incident response plan, a detailed forensic review and analysis of what occurred. Cyber forensics, also known as computer forensics or digital forensics, refers to the structured process of isolating the affected devices and networks, gathering evidence, examining the evidence, evaluating the extent of damage, and analyzing the timeline or sequence of events.  The forensics phase will be followed by data recovery and remediation.


Our Services in Cyber Forensics

The cybersecurity specialists at 24By7Security are experienced in cyber incident investigations, including digital forensics.  Our long-standing affiliation with the FBI Infragard South Florida members' alliance enables us to work closely with law enforcement to analyze evidence, document the forensics investigation, and assist in data recovery.

We work in continuous communication with the client and the incident investigation team to ensure a thorough forensic analysis, so that remediation decisions may be made with full visibility to the evidence. We aid in securing all elements affected by the cyber attack and documenting every step of the forensic investigation. The documentation and preservation of all evidence is central to the forensics phase and vital to subsequent remediation activities.  Read our blog on how to ensure chain of custody is preserved in the event of a breach


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