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August 14, 2019

Is Amazon's Cloud Service to Blame for Capital One's Hack?

On July 28, Capital One announced that the personal information including names and addresses of over 106 million people were obtained by a hacker. Now, in addition to filing lawsuits against the company, customers are calling out the cloud service provider, Amazon Web Services.

Who's responsible?

Facebook & Equifax: Future Regulatory Changes?

Two major settlements related to security and privacy were announced by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) – a $575 million fine for Equifax and an unprecedented record-breaking $5 billion fine for Facebook. Businesses are now wondering if regulatory requirements are about to change.

Are Regulatory Changes on the Horizon?

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Businesswoman holding tablet pc entering password. Security concept

Heads Up: Cybercriminals are Businesspeople

Cybercriminals use proven, predictable business models to steal data and scale their efforts. While the Capital One hacker may have been careless enough to brag about her exploits online, most cybercriminals are clearheaded and rational businesspeople looking to monetize the data stolen. 

The cybercrime business model

8 questions your board of directors will ask about cybersecurity8 Questions Your Board Will Ask About Your Cybersecurity Program

From setting the direction of the program to making operational decisions and providing oversight, your Board needs to understand, engage with, and take ownership of the program. Here are 8 common questions they ask, and how to get them on board.

Are you prepared?

NIST Releases Guide on IoT Security

Tablets, refrigerators, voice assistants, washing machines – we're entering an age where seemingly everything is connected. A new guide from NIST identifies a set of recommended cybersecurity measures to include in network-capable devices.

Get the guide

8 Tips for an Effective Phishing Test

You've trained your employees on cybersecurity, but how do you ascertain if your employees really grasped the phishing issue? Phishing remains one of the biggest risks. How do you know whether they will click on that phishing link or not? Use these 8 tips to run a test.

Can your employees spot the phish?

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