Our Leadership

Our leadership consists of Cybersecurity experts with hands-on experience who have served in various capacities, such as Chief Information Officer (CIO), Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Board Member, Technology Director, and active-duty top-secret roles. Our leadership team members are themselves highly certified and credentialed in various industry certifications. We are your Cybersecurity and Compliance specialists with experience providing the full range of IT security consulting services. 

We believe that Cybersecurity needs to be priority ONE across all functions (IT, Finance and Accounting, Operations, HR, Sales, and Marketing) of the enterprise, thus avoiding unnecessary risk to businesses and preventing the next generation of threats that could undermine the stability of companies.

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Sanjay Deo



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Rema Deo

Chief Executive Officer

Managing Director

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Jodi Siravo

Chief Administrative Officer

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David Jost Headshot

David Jost

Chief Revenue Officer
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Chris Miller Headshot

Christopher Miller

Chief Financial Officer

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Juan Carlos Hernandez

PCI Practice Lead

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Nitin Chowdhry

Nitin Chowdhry

Director of Cybersecurity Services

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