24By7Security Earns PCI Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) Certification

Firm is Authorized by Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council to Assess Vendor Compliance with Global PCI Data Security Standard

December 2020

QSA logo24By7Security has announced that it has been certified as a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) by the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standards Council. This certification authorizes 24By7Security to conduct the security assessments necessary to validate industry members’ compliance with the PCI Data Security Standard. Visit www.pciqsaconsultant.com to learn more about the company’s PCI DSS service offerings.

“While we have been helping clients prepare for their assessments for years, to achieve PCI QSA certification is a significant milestone,” said Rema Deo, CEO and Managing Director of 24By7Security. “Our cybersecurity professionals have undergone rigorous training and testing, and we are pleased to be authorized to help payment card industry members achieve and maintain compliance with the multifaceted Data Security Standard.”

To read the full press release, click HERE.


24By7 Security

24by7Security Achieves CMMC Registered Provider Organization (RPO) Accreditation

December 2020

cmmc-ab rpo logo (1)24By7Security announced it has been approved as a Registered Provider Organization (RPO), by the CMMC Accreditation Board, enabling the firm to provide consulting services to defense contractors and suppliers seeking to obtain the mandatory new Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC).

When the CMMC program was released, the 24By7Security team began studying every aspect of the standard, gaining important expertise in the certification levels and multilayered requirements.

“Our goal was to develop a CMMC Readiness Service that would successfully prepare DoD contractors for certification,” said Rema Deo, CEO and Managing Director of 24By7Security. “It is by far the most comprehensive readiness program we have ever created, and the research and development effort was exhaustive.”

24By7Security also developed a proprietary programmatic tool that accounts for all elements required by the complex model, enabling the CMMC Readiness Service to be performed consistently and thoroughly, and helping contractors achieve certification efficiently.  The company is currently offering a complimentary consultation for DoD contractors who wish to learn more about CMMC. See www.cmmc-readiness.com for more information on CMMC.

To read the full press release, click HERE.

24By7 Security

24by7Security appoints Jim McKeen As Director of Business Development

December 2020

24By7Security formally announces that Jim McKeen has the company as its Director of Business Development. With this appointment, 24By7Security adds yet another powerhouse expert under its wing to assist in creating and maintaining C-level relationships while driving business for the cybersecurity and compliance consulting firm. 

Jim McKeen brings with him over twenty-five years of verifiable success in building sales designed to enhance market share and increase net revenue.  With Jim comes his dynamic, growth-oriented, and high-energy personality, making him a perfect fit for the company's endeavors. "I am very excited about joining 24by7Security. I have known Sanjay for many, many years, so this seemed like a perfect fit. We just finally made it official! Please reach out to me if you or anyone else has any questions about Cybersecurity or Compliance."

Sanjay Deo, President and Founder of 24By7Security, said, "We're very excited to have Jim on board. His depth of experience, knowledge, and management capabilities will complement our growing team as we enter the new year. He has a knack for identifying and capitalizing on new/emerging market opportunities that many people in the South Florida area know him for."  Having completed over 1000 risk assessments in the last few years, 24By7Security now looks forward to the next 1000! This is an interesting period of accelerated growth for the company as it seeks to grow its flagship services to healthcare and other industries, while expanding into new market segments with the recently announced Registered Provider Organization (RPO) accreditation to assist Department of Defense contractors with CMMC, a mandatory Cybersecurity certification.  

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24By7 Security

24by7Security Announces Partnership with the South Florida Manufacturers Association

24by7Security Unveils New Sponsor-Partnership With the Unique Manufacturing Organization

October 2020

24By7Security is excited to officially announce the new strategic partnership with #1 resource for manufacturers in South Florida, the South Florida Manufacturers Association (SFMA).

The SFMA, part of the FloridaMakes Network, has held the distinction of being the dedicated resource for manufacturers in South Florida since 1961. SFMA prides itself on being member driven – creating new products and services as members’ needs change. The mission of the SFMA has remained constant though out its history: To Serve Manufacturers.

With this new and exciting opportunity, 24By7Security is pleased to be sponsoring and participating in many South Florida Manufacturers Association virtual events.

24By7 Security

Our Newest Security Service Has Taken The GOLD At The 2020 IT World Awards

August 2020

24By7Security announced today that Network Products Guide, industry’s leading technology research and advisory guide, has named the CMMC Readiness Service a Gold winner in the 15th Annual 2020 Network PG’s IT World Awards®.

The IT World Awards are industry and peer recognitions from Network Products Guide honoring achievements of world’s best in organizational performance, product and service innovations, hot technologies, executives and management teams, successful deployments, product management and engineering, customer satisfaction, and public relations in information technology and cyber security. 

Judges from a broad spectrum of industry from around the world participated and their average scores determined the 2020 award winners. Winners will be celebrated and presented their awards during a virtual awards ceremony in November.

“It’s an honor to be named a winner by IT World Awards for this esteemed industry and peer recognition,” said Sanjay Deo. “This further validates our position as a company poised to successfully serve others the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification to ensure standardized levels of cybersecurity practices are implemented for the Department of Defense's industry partners' networks.” 

For a complete list of the 2020 IT World Award winners announced today, visit this LINK.

To read the full press release, click HERE.

24By7 Security

24By7Security awarded the prestigious City of Coral Springs Business Excellence Award

May 2020

Regarded as a special honor of gratitude on the part of the City and the citizens of Coral Springs, the Business Excellence Award was created to honor the excellence and success of the Coral Springs businesses that have contributed to the economic vitality of the City and to formally recognize their hard work.

24By7Security is guided by the key values of passion, accountability, good teamwork, integrity and responsiveness. The company is a strong supporter of professional development and interns. It believes in taking the time to hire the right person with the right character. 

"As the CEO of a woman and minority-owned business, Rema prides herself on the company's diverse staff of 16, six of whom were hired in 2019. The expansion of services including breach environment simulation, client cyber certification and cyber advice training to small and midsize businesses allowed for 25% growth over the past year."

In February 2020, the Economic Development Office judged and rated all eligible submissions in accordance with the stated criteria.

To read more about the other winners, please visit the City of Coral Springs' website by clicking this Link.

24By7 Security

24By7Security Launches CMMC Readiness Assessment Services for Defense Contractors

April 2020

24By7Security, Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of Readiness Assessment Services for Department of Defense contractors seeking preparedness for Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC). In upcoming months, the Department of Defense will require that all contractors and suppliers doing business with the Defense Department comply with CMMC standards. 

24By7Security's team of experts will help identify gaps against CMMC requirements. In addition, the readiness service options available include remediation road mapping, preparation of policy and procedures, vulnerability assessments, penetration testing and other services as may be required.

"Audit readiness and preparation are the most arduous part of the process," says Sanjay Deo, Founder and President of 24By7Security. "We can guide your organization through the CMMC process in the most efficient and cost-effective manner."

Starting in Fall of 2020, a number of select Department of Defense RFPs will include a requirement that all bidding contractors must meet a minimum of Level 1 of CMMC to qualify. CMMC has five levels.  

Read the full article HERE.

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Coronavirus and Cybercrime - Hackers exploits on healthcare during the COVID-19 pandemic

April 2020

In these trying times, of what feels like a surreal science fiction movie, cybercriminals and gangs of hackers are targeting healthcare professionals and medical organizations with online scams.

It happens often and more so since the COVID-19 pandemic, as reported. Those emails sent, once someone clicks and/or opens malicious software, this quick action enables the bad actors to swipe data and information right off the computer, tablet, mobile phone and other devices connected online. 

Read the full article HERE!

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6 Cyber Security Best Practices Everyone Should Be Aware Of

Cyber attacks occur at an alarming rate—and while many of these attacks are aimed at high-profile targets, don’t make the mistake of assuming you won’t be at risk. Cyber attacks can affect anyone with Internet access. These days, that includes nearly everyone.

Rema Deo, our Managing Director, has been quoted on her comments regarding cyber security best practices for passwords. Many of those password managers will have the option to auto-fill new passwords with random strings of numbers, letters and symbols. But if you’d rather create a password you have a chance of remembering, there’s another option. “Instead of setting a cryptic password that you have to write down somewhere to remember, use a short sentence,” says Rema Deo, managing director at 24By7Security, who suggests something like “Mymomtaughtmetosave2yearsago!” as an example. “A long password, though it might be easy to memorize, will still take years to be guessed by a password-cracking algorithm.”

Read the 6 best cyber security practices HERE!

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Webinars offer advice amid pandemic

Topics include financial assistance, cash flow, HR, technology, working from home, marketing and legal issues. Some webinars are available on replay while others are scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday. 24By7Security's Sanjay Deo was a part of one of the more popular webinars as a panelist - Tech Lauderdale's Work from Home Webinar.

Read the full list HERE!

24By7 Security

24By7Security named Gold winner in the 16th annual info security awards

The firm will take home two big industry awards


March 2020

For the third consecutive year, 24By7Security has won the distinguished Gold Award in HIPAA Compliance from Info Security Products Guide, the industry's leading information security research and advisory guide.

In addition, the premier cybersecurity and compliance advisory firm, 24By7Security, won a Bronze Award in the Company of the Year Category for Security Services.

Read the full press release HERE.

24By7 Security

Top 10 Cybersecurity Newsletters You Should Subscribe To Stay Updated

Analytics India Magazine ranks 24By7Security as a Top 10 Cybersecurity Newsletter

January 2020

Due to numerous lapses in data protection by various blue-chip companies like Facebook, Google, among others, there is a rise in concerns about privacy. Therefore, governments across the world have devised data privacy rules.

To help you keep informed about cybersecurity, Analytics India Magazine has curated the top cybersecurity newsletter that one can subscribe.

Read the list HERE

24By7 Security

5 Cybersecurity Threats Private Companies Were Faced With in 2019

Sanjay Deo, guest blogging for TweakYourBiz.com discussing cybersecurity threats private companies faced in 2019

January 2020

The number of cyberattacks continues to grow each year — and 2019 has proven that the frequency is not slowing down. By raising awareness and shedding light on the topic, the public has grown more aware of the consequences of privacy breaches..

Here is a rundown of the five biggest cybersecurity threats that dominated in 2019 to help you prepare your own cybersecurity strategy for 2020.

Read more of the blog HERE

24By7 Security

Top 10 Methods to Mitigate Cybersecurity Threats

Sanjay Deo writes a guest blog for Techpatio.com discussing cybersecurity threats

January 2020

Cybersecurity is one of the most pressing matters for private companies and governments globally. Cyberattacks are becoming more advanced every year, and they are capable of bringing systems to a standstill and destroying entire business structures. However, there are steps you can take to mitigate cybersecurity threats in 2020...  With cyber crime continually on the rise and becoming increasingly sophisticated by the day, businesses need to arm their cybersecurity arsenal with multiple layers of defense using different tools and techniques.  Consider these 10 methods to mitigate cybersecurity threats while preparing and reviewing the cybersecurity roadmap for your business.

To find out those steps, click HERE 

24By7 Security

24By7Security Executives Present at ITPalooza 2019

24By7Security executives will present at the Eighth Annual ITPalooza, South Florida's premier conference for technology professionals on Thursday, Dec. 5, 2019

December 2019

Premier cybersecurity and compliance advisory firm, 24By7Security's Managing Director Rema Deo will speak on the Women in IT/Diversity in Tech panel at 2 p.m. on the main stage. Sanjay Deo, President of 24By7Security and a founding member of the CIO Council of South Florida, will speak at 4 p.m. on the InfraGard Cyber Security panel. InfraGard is the Federal Bureau of Investigation's national information sharing program for the private sector.

All of this at the daylong conference called ITPalooza which features panel discussions, JavaScript workshops, live demonstrations and networking with technology professionals to meet, connect and share insights.

To read the full press release, click HERE

24By7 Security


Women Business Leaders Find Progress and Need For Further Change

Rema Deo quoted in SFBW article on how is South Florida performing when it comes to women in leadership roles

November 2019

SFBW has interviewed a panel of experts on topics ranging from the advantages and disadvantages of being women in leadership roles to just how far society has changed and what can be done to spur further change. Rema Deo, our Managing Director, has been quoted on her comments on how to be on a positive career track in addition to breaking down stereotypes and empowering oneself.

The session at North Broward Preparatory School was moderated by SFBW Editor-in-Chief Kevin Gale. 

To read the full press release, click HERE

24By7 Security

24By7Security Gives Back with Next-Generation Cyber Education Initiative at Nova Southeastern University

The invite-only talk takes place on Wednesday, Oct. 30, 2019 on NSU's Davie campus

October 2019

Rema Deo, Managing Director of 24By7Security, will speak to college students about cyber hygiene at Nova Southeastern University (NSU) in honor of Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

As part of its popular Next-Generation Education Initiative, premier cybersecurity and compliance advisory firm 24By7Security meets with area students in October to share tips on how to stay safe and secure online. The discussion at NSU aims to help raise awareness of cybersecurity risks, social media use risks, and widespread regulatory requirements among college students.

To read the full press release, click HERE

24By7 Security

24by7Security Forms Partnership with Cloud Range

24by7Security Announces New Service Offering: Hyper Realistic Cyber Attack Simulation Training on Cyber Range Virtual Platform

October 2019

24By7Security has partnered with trailblazer Cloud Range, a cyber range simulation experience to help close the cybersecurity skills gap.

Cloud Range is a simulation-based cyber defense training platform for SOC teams to help ensure they have the proper skills and experience to detect and remediate any type of cyber-attack. 

To read the full press release, click HERE

24By7 Security

24by7Security Announces Partnership with South Florida Executive Roundtable

24by7Security Unveils New Sponsor-Partnership with Premium Executive Organization

August 2019

24By7Security is delighted to officially announce a new partnership with the prestigious South Florida Executive Roundtable (SFER) organization.

The South Florida Executive Roundtable is a C-Suite forum where executives share and provide insight, perspective, and knowledge in a unique and interactive setting. The organization is comprised of mid to senior level professionals from the corporate and service sectors, primarily from within Florida and LATAM.

With this new and exciting opportunity, 24By7Security is pleased to be sponsoring and participating in South Florida Executive Roundtable events in all areas of South Florida from Miami-Dade to Broward County to Palm Beach County.

To read the full press release, click HERE

24By7 Security

Certifications Galore At 24By7Security!

Cybersecurity Company Celebrates Success of Their First Sponsored In-house HCISSP Study Program

August 2019

24by7Security congratulates team members Anirudh NadkarniRupal Talati and Parita Patel for receiving their HCISPP certifications with the successful launch of our company-sponsored in-house HCISPP study program. HCISPP refers to the prestigious Health Care Information Security and Privacy Practitioner certification from ISC2.

24by7Security congratulates Jorge Flores for passing the CISSP exam as he is well on his way to becoming a Certified Information System Security Professional. 24by7Security also extends congratulations to Rema Deo for obtaining her CISM (Certified Information Security Manager) certification from ISACA, the international professional association focused on Governance.

To read the full press release, click HERE

24By7 Security

New Executive Principal and Launch of new service CBAS 

New Executive Principal, Michael Orenchuk and New service Cyber Board Advisory Services

June 2019

24By7Security is pleased to officially announce the appointment of industry veteran Michael Orenchuk as Principal of Cyber Board Advisory Services (CBAS).

24By7Security has established a Cyber Board Advisory Services (CBAS) Practice to advance Board of Directors and C-Suite Executive understanding of the characteristics of a mature and comprehensive Cybersecurity Program, in order to provide improved Board and Executive support, direction and oversight for their Cybersecurity Programs as obligated by their leadership, fiscal and regulatory accountabilities.  

This service will also be targeted towards CIOs and CISOs that may not have the access to resources to develop or maintain a comprehensive and mature Cyber Security program. CBAS will help them evaluate the efficacy and effectiveness of their Cyber Security Program to protect their corporate information and system assets at an acceptable level of risk. CBAS will also assist executive management in developing a short-term and long-term plan that can be communicated to the Board while establishing a way to measure progress and educate the Board of the requirements and funding needed to address those cybersecurity requirements.

To read the full press release, click HERE.

24By7 Security

CISOs vs. the Board, a delicate conundrum

Rema Deo quoted in SC Media ebook article on the how CISOs may communicate with the Board

May 2019

SC Media has interviewed a panel of experts on their suggestions on how CISOs may handle their conundrum on communicating with the Board. This is an ebook publication by SC Media.  Rema Deo, our Managing Director, has been quoted on her comments regarding Board views on security budgets and security posture. Read the full article HERE.

24By7 Security

Biometrics and Bagels

Rema Deo is on a panel discussing multi-factor authentication

April 24, 2019

Participating in an expert panel to discuss implementing multi-factor authentication, Rema Deo and the other panelists Alessandro Chiarini, David Hartmann, Tyler P. Smillie and Adam Gresh will talk about how financial services and healthcare organizations can expedite the process of safeguarding themselves with biometric security. Read the full press release HERE

24By7 Security

Entrepreneur Spotlight

Sanjay Deo featured on IdeaMensch

February 5, 2019

IdeaMensch is a crowdsourced interview platform for entrepreneurs, makers, and doers.  They have published an interview with our President, Sanjay Deo.  The tagline of the interview is a quote from Sanjay - "Split your focus – engage with your employees while delighting your customers".  Learn more about our President and Founder by reading the full article HERE

24By7 Security

Top 20 CISO Blogs, News websites and Newsletters

Best CISO blogs on the Planet, per Feedspot blog

February 4, 2019

What a nice way to open our content mentions for 2019 - we received the honor of being #12 among the Top 20 security blogs ranked by Feedspot!  We thank Feedspot for commending our blog as actively working to educate, inspire, and empower their readers with frequent updates and high-quality information.  The blogs were ranked based on Google reputation and Google search ranking, Influence and popularity on Facebook, twitter and other social media sites, Quality and consistency of posts and Feedspot’s editorial team and expert review.  Read the full article HERE.

Badge - top 20 ciso blogs - 24by7security
24By7 Security

25 Network Security Tools you should be using

Sanjay Deo views on Kali Linux in PhoenixNAP blog

November 19, 2018

According to Sanjay Deo's expert opinion, Kali Linux comes with a number of tools that hackers like to use for scanning networks for penetration testing and wireless scanning. It is recommended that security professionals use it as it is a comprehensive toolset that will allow Infosec professionals to conduct reconnaissance, scanning, and penetration all on one network security platform, it's also a free tool. Read the full article HERE.

24By7 Security

What is a CIO

Sanjay Deo quoted in Business News Daily article on the importance of a CIO

November 13, 2018

As technology and business continue to intertwine, CIOs will be increasingly important. Sanjay Deo, founder and president of 24By7Security, said CIOs translate business information requirements to support the decision-making process with technology requirements.Read the full article HERE.

24By7 Security

Social Engineering Attacks: Technique and Prevention 

Read Rema Deo's recommendations on the PhoenixNAP blog

October 22, 2018

The most frequent social engineering attacks are caused by phishing. Phishing is known to be the leading cause of ransomware. Tailgating is another way in which attackers may obtain information or plan or execute a cyber attack by physically gaining access to your premises, especially sensitive areas. In businesses, whaling is also a popular social engineering method, distinguished a bit from phishing in that whaling targets are usually high-value targets like executives or high ranking government officials.

  1. Do not allow tailgating into the office premises. If someone asks you to let them into the premises, do not let them in unless they have the appropriate credentials and authorization to be in the premises.
  2. Phishing, vishing, spear phishing and whaling are forms of social engineering. Do not click on unknown links in emails or messages.
  3. Check the sender’s email address before taking any action. If suspicious, report the email to your security or compliance officer.
  4. Do not provide your password to anyone. If you have inadvertently provided your password for any of your work systems to someone, change those passwords immediately.
  5. If you have any reason to doubt the instructions provided by a colleague or executive via email, be sure to call or otherwise confirm the instructions before implementing them especially if those instructions are likely to grant access to someone else, or to wire funds or anything that might adversely impact the company.

For the full article on the PhoenixNAP blog, click HERE.

24By7 Security

Cybersecurity Incident Response Planning: Expert Tips, Steps, Testing & More

Digital Guardian Data Insider Article features a panel of Security professionals 

October 11, 2018

33 cybersecurity experts offer recommendations for building an effective incident response plan. Sanjay Deo is featured with his views on the key considerations in developing a cybersecurity incident response plan.  The industry you are in is important, because in some industries such as healthcare and financial services, regulations mandate the existence and thorough documentation of an incident response plan. Whether the business a multi-location or single location business will impact the content and controls in an incident response plan.

Sanjay also talks about how the kind of data you are trying to protect and the impact of its loss or compromise is perhaps the most important consideration of developing a cybersecurity incident response plan, and provides examples of the work we have done with clients for incident response management.

To read the full article, click HERE

24By7 Security

We are among the Top 10 Most Trusted Healthcare IT Security Solution Providers 2018!

Insights Care Magazine features the top 10 most trusted Healthcare IT Security solution providers for 2018

October 10, 2018

We have been featured among the Top 10 most trusted Healthcare IT Security Solution providers of 2018 by the Insights Care magazine. 

http://www.prunderground.com/24by7security-wins-gold-award-for-most-innovative-company/00137328/According to Insights Care, "Healthcare has witnessed extensive digitization in the recent years. Although this has remarkably transformed the services in healthcare, it comes with a challenging side-effect: risk of information security. Healthcare has been one of the prime targets for cybercriminals; and with the healthcare data being very sensitive in nature, this is a major concern. It is of immense significance that the healthcare companies be aware and implement the best practices to secure the information of their patients as well as the organization.

With the impending risk in the mind, to assist healthcare organizations to prevent data security breaches, we bring you the “The 10 Most Trusted Healthcare IT Security Solution Providers” issue. In this issue, we are presenting to you some of the prominent companies and healthcare solution providers, who have successfully helped the industry to protect the patients’ information and other critical healthcare data against the ever-rising cyber-attacks."  

For the article featuring 24By7Security, read HERE.

For the full listing, read HERE

24By7 Security

We just won Gold for Innovative Company of the Year!

2018 Business & Innovation Awards Honor Companies Around the World

October 3, 2018

24By7Security today announced that it has been named Most Innovative Company of the Year, winning Gold for the first time in the annual global Business & Innovation Awards. Sanjay Deo, Founder and President of 24By7Security, Inc., credits the win to his company having its most innovative year to date.

In the past 12 months, his company launched four new Readiness Services to help businesses effectively address new and modified legislation, as well as a trail-blazing framework for cybersecurity incident response planning, user training and testing, and plan implementation. The firm also developed CISO Councils in South Florida, Orlando and Tampa, and launched an innovative HIPAA Happenings series to promote convenient information sharing among Chief Information Security Officers and healthcare professionals respectively. In another innovation, 24By7Security launched a Next-Generation Education initiative in which the firm works with several universities in South Florida to raise awareness of cybersecurity and social media use risks among high school and college students. Read our full press release HERE.

24By7 Security

Entrepreneurs, what's your #1 tip to be successful in business?

Rema Deo quoted in CEO Blog nation

September 23, 2018

“Promote, promote, promote. Always keep promoting your business. Social is big. Do not underestimate the power of social media, so do utilize its power to communicate, promote and respond. Use size to your advantage. A small business’s biggest advantage is its ability to react quickly and to be agile and nimble while working with customers. Cash flow rules. Managing cash flow is perhaps one of the most important aspects of running a small business, as cash is always tight.". For the full article in CEO Blog nation, click HERE.

24By7 Security

Protect your practice from a ransomware attack and its aftermath

Sanjay Deo quoted in Part B News

September 12, 2018

 "Often, an insurance policy may only cover ransom payment partially," warns Sanjay Deo, president of 24By7 Security in Coral Springs, Fla. "Nevertheless, having a cyber insurance cover part of a ransomware attack may still be more beneficial than not having one at all." For the full article in Part B News, click HERE.

24By7 Security

ISC(2) HCISPP Spotlight: Rema Deo

Rema Deo featured in the HCISPP Spotlight on the ISC(2) blog

September 4, 2018

We are honored that ISC(2) selected Rema Deo, our Managing Director, to be featured in their blog on the HCISPP Spotlight! For the story about how her career relates to the HCISPP certification, read HERE.

24By7 Security

Don't Risk IT, SECURE IT - our registered trademark!

Our tagline is now our own registered trademark!

August 28, 2018

We are pleased to report that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has approved and registered our tagline "Don't Risk IT, SECURE IT" as a trademark. For the full press release, read HERE.

24By7 Security

Cybersecurity Education in September

Michael Brown speaking at two events

September 2018

We are pleased to report that Michael Brown, our Security Manager, will be presenting at two events in September as part of a Cybersecurity Education initiative.  He will be speaking on September 19 at i2 Labs on the topic of "Security Certifications". He will also be presenting at the prestigious Cybersecurity conference BSides Miami on September 29, speaking on "Security Maturity: Moving beyond reactive security".

24By7 Security

How to perform a Cyber Risk Assessment

Sanjay Deo quoted in reputed Cyber security blog "Hashed out" by the SSL Store

August 23, 2018

A risk assessment is often a mandatory baseline that compliance regulations ask for,” says Sanjay Deo, President of 24by7Security. “HIPAA, FERPA, NY State Cybersecurity Regulations are only some of the laws that require a risk assessment to be done by impacted companies in the healthcare, education and financial sectors. By performing this required step, companies can not only work towards compliance with these regulations but also have a good baseline of their current security posture and recommendations for improvement. Every risk assessment report must have a view of the current state of the organization’s security, findings and recommendations for improving its overall security. Read the full article HERE.

24By7 Security

24By7Security launches #HIPAAHappenings in South Florida

Social networking and HIPAA education for healthcare professionals

August 22, 2018

24By7Security, Inc has sponsored and hosted HIPAA Happenings, an innovative new HIPAA education program series, a complimentary social networking and HIPAA discussion for healthcare professionals. The inaugural session of HIPAA Happenings was held on August 22, 2018 at the offices of Broward County Medical Association The well attended event featured a panel moderated by Sanjay Deo, President, 24By7Security, and 2 speakers - Dr. Uttma Dham, DMD of Westside Dental Center, and Stephen Siegel, Esq. of Nelson Mullins Broad and Cassel LLC. Read the full press release HERE

Videos with glimpses from the event:

1) Quotes from HIPAA Happenings Broward County

2) Why HIPAA matters - HIPAA Happenings Broward County

24By7 Security

Cyvent signs Partnership Agreement with 24By7Security

The companies will help clients with complementary and end-to-end cybersecurity and cyber resilience services

August 9, 2018

24By7Security, Inc. has announced that CyVent, an Artificial Intelligence-driven solution provider, has become a strategic partner, with the two companies offering complementary services to clients with a view to defending clients with end-to-end cybersecurity and cyber resilience services. By leveraging the unique capabilities of both companies, this partnership will make available to customers customizable high-quality cybersecurity services and sophisticated cybersecurity products and solutions at very competitive costs. It is particularly strategic that the two Cybersecurity companies announce their partnership from Las Vegas in this week of important Cybersecurity conferences like DEFCON, Black Hat and BSides taking place here.

24By7 Security

10 Fastest Growing Cybersecurity Companies 2018

As Published in The Silicon Review

July 31, 2018

We are honored to be recognized among this elite group of companies as one of the 10 Fastest Growing Cybersecurity Companies of 2018 by the Silicon Review magazine. As a trusted advisor to our clients, 24By7Security has been growing over the last year.  We stand apart from the rest by demonstrating a passion for excellence in everything we do. For the full article in the Silicon Review, read HERE.


24By7 Security

Implications of Privacy and Security in Healthcare

A presentation by Sanjay Deo to students and faculty at Carlos Albizu University

July 31, 2018

As security and privacy should be top of mind for healthcare professionals these days, this presentation by Sanjay Deo, Founder and President of 24By7Security, Inc., was timely for healthcare students at the university level, in order to prepare them appropriately prior to entering the workforce. Sanjay spoke about technicaladministrative and physical safeguards to enhance healthcare security and protect patient data, and touched upon the importance of keeping Protected Health Information (PHI) private and secure. 24By7Security is pleased to be continuing our endeavor to give back to the community through student education at various levels ranging from high school to university. 

24By7 Security

How to create strong passwords to keep your website safe

Rema Deo quoted in the Dreamhost blog

July 12, 2018

11 password tips have been shared with quotes and thoughts from cybersecurity experts, including tips such as keeping your password long and uncommon, and other tips related to password storage, two-factor authentication, password managers, use of security questions and more. For Rema's and other professionals' quotes in this article, click HERE.

24By7 Security

10 questions project managers should ask employers in a job interview

Rema Deo quoted in Tech Republic

June 7, 2018

“The quality of questions that a project manager asks during an interview is often the tipping point of offering them the job. I believe that a project manager candidate must ask at least one or two questions during the interview, especially if asked “Do you have any questions for me?””, Deo said. “Questions should be ideally open-ended so that they prompt further discussion. The interviewee must also be cognizant of the overall time of the interview so as to not take too much time from the interviewers.” For the full article in Tech Republic, click HERE.

24By7 Security

10 best practices to keep your IT project under budget

Rema Deo quoted in Tech Republic

May 17, 2018

“Massive projects with multi-million dollar spend are often destined for slippage, both in terms of time and money.  If it is inevitable to have a project of a large size, attempt to break it down into manageable smaller projects which have shorter life cycles and where results can be seen at the end of each project. Monitor not only project and activity progress on a periodic basis, but also the spend vs. budget.”, says Rema in this article. Size matters!  For the full article in Tech Republic, click HERE.

24By7 Security

We won the Gold Award for Service Excellence in HIPAA Compliance Consulting

Silver Award for Best Security Company in the Company Growth category and Bronze Award in the Company Milestone category

April 16, 2018

24By7Security, Inc. has won the Gold Award for Service Excellence in HIPAA Compliance Consulting, one of the primary compliance services the firm provides in addition to Cybersecurity services. The firm also won the Silver Award for Best Security Company in the Company Growth category and a Bronze Award in the Company Milestone category. Sponsored by the Information Security Products Guide, the awards were presented on April 16, 2018, in San Francisco. For our press release, click HERE.

24By7 Security

Seven Steps towards bridging the Cybersecurity skills gap

Sanjay Deo quoted in Security Boulevard

April 10, 2018

“Immediate or urgent skills gaps could be filled by consultants while the company works towards ramping up their cybersecurity workforce. For instance, if a company does not have a full-time CISO, they could hire a part-time CISO through a consulting firm and then evaluate their needs for a full-time CISO and other security staff," said Sanjay Deo, President and Founder of 24By7Security, Inc. Read the full article on Security Boulevard.

24By7 Security

SOC for Cybersecurity

A presentation by Michael Brown at BSides Tampa 2018

February 17, 2018

Michael Brown of 24By7Security was a speaker at the prestigious BSides Tampa event held on February 17, 2018. Aimed at information security professionals, Michael’s presentation introduced the recent new SOC report from AICPA: “SOC for Cybersecurity”, which is used to report on a firm’s cybersecurity program and posture.


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24By7Security In the News in 2017 and before...


November 2017 – 24By7Security has been named in the Top 10 Healthcare IT Security Solution Providers – 2017 by Healthcare Tech Outlook magazine!

As quoted in the magazine article, “24By7Security designs actionable cybersecurity programs, which are a result of an in-depth analysis of the customer’s security infrastructure, location of data, policies and processes”. For the Top 10 list, click HERE. To read our company profile published in the magazine, click HERE. For our press release, click HERE or on Business Insider.


October 2017 – Miami Dade College Annual Cybersecurity Day

Sanjay Deo spoke at the Miami Dade College Annual Cybersecurity Day on October 26 at the college’s Inter American Campus in Miami. The audience included college staff, students and High School students from neighboring public and private schools on the topic of Social Media Risks. The objective of this discussion was to educate students of the Social Media risks related to cyber predators, cyberbullying, identity theft, appropriate and illegal postings and scams and hoaxes. The message to students was to post sensibly and take care of their personal information.


October 2017 – HCISPP

Congratulations to Rema Deo for being awarded the Health Care Information Security & Privacy Practitioner (HCISPP) certification from (ISC)2.


October 2017 – Cybersecurity Day at Nova Southeastern University

Rema Deo spoke to selected high school students visiting Nova Southeastern University on October 19, 2017, on Cyber Hygiene and social media risks. Read about the event here.


July 2017 - Coaching Women in Tech

Rema Deo's experience with coaching and a supportive business environment is referenced in this article entitled "Coaching Today's women in Tech Secures their Future".   Read HERE about Rema's experience with coaching, 360 feedback and discussions with mentors that enabled her to pursue and get a promotion. 


May 2017 – 24By7Security, Inc. is now a State of Florida Certified Business Enterprise

The Office of Supplier Diversity of the State of Florida has certified us as a woman and minority owned business. Read press release here.


April 2017 – Create a strong password, prepare for the worst

Sanjay Deo has been quoted for his tip on using a mnemonic to create and remember a strong password. Read the full article on INL Indian Business Awards’ website.


April 2017 – Cyber Insurance 101

Sanjay Deo writes about the basics of Cyber Insurance for healthcare organizations, which are valid for any industry.  There are different kinds of insurance coverage and each company should evaluate these carefully and understand what is covered and what is not, before making a decision. Read 24By7Security President Sanjay Deo’s full article in the South Florida Hospital News.


March 2017 - 65 Password Security Tips

Read 24By7Security President Sanjay Deo’s tips in Webopedia’s article on 65 Password Security Tips: How to Create and Secure Accounts. Create strong passwords by using a mnemonic to remember them. For instance, a password for a clothes shopping site could be  Mysizeis08, which is a related full sentence but difficult to crack. Using multi-factor authentication helps prevent hackers from getting access to your account even if they are able to crack your password. Also, use a VPN to encrypt your data, including user ID and password sent, while connected to a public Wi-Fi network. Click here to read the full article.


March 2017 - Minimize HIPAA Compliance Risk

Enforcement of the familiar security rule in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), has picked up in a big way. At a recent South Florida Hospital and Healthcare Association Symposium, cybersecurity expert Sanjay Deo summed up his advice in 3 steps: Establish clear policies for how your organization handles protected health information (PHI), train employees on these policies, and conduct a periodic risk assessment that includes a plan to address any issues found. Read full blog on the Citrix website.


March 2017 - Incident Response Workshop at SFISSA Conference

Incident response is a vital, but sometimes underrated part of Cybersecurity these days. It was therefore timely that Sanjay Deo, President of 24By7Security, Inc. a well-known Cybersecurity firm conducted an incident response workshop at the biennial conference hosted by South Florida Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) at the Signature Grand in Fort Lauderdale on March 10, 2017. Sanjay Deo and Michael Brown of 24By7Security presented this engaging workshop dealing with the various aspects of incident response. Read more here.


March 2017 - Overlooked security controls in healthcare technology applications

Sanjay Deo quoted in this supplement on Security & Privacy: Protecting data in the information sharing era, of the Health Data Management magazine. Sanjay talks about how security controls have often been overlooked in healthcare technology applications. During the past 5 years, primarily because the government has mandated and prompted it, hospitals and physician practices have adopted electronic medical records. While these organizations have acquired the technologies to collect and distribute patient data, the focus on security has not been there. We are still coming across large institutions that have not protected data adequately. Register for free to read the full supplement on data privacy and security at: Health Data Management (this website has subsequently been made unavailable).


December 2016 – HIPAA enforcement is getting more serious in 2017 – are you ready?

Director of the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) Jocelyn Samuels has classified digital threats as a public health crisis. OCR is ramping up its HIPAA enforcement activities including audits to include desktop and comprehensive on-site audits of covered entities as well as business associates.  Read about HIPAA strategies as outlined in 24By7Security Managing Director Rema Deo’s article in the South Florida Hospital News.


October 2016 - CISO Panel at Infragard Cyber Conference

Sanjay Deo, President of 24By7Security, Inc. a well-known  Cybersecurity service provider in South Florida moderated a panel of Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) and Chief Security Officers (CSOs) at a Cyber Conference hosted on October 27, 2016, by the Infragard South Florida Member Alliance in celebration of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Read more


October 2016 - Practical strategies to protect your business from hackers

Read Sanjay Deo’s recommendations on practical strategies to protect your business from hackers, in the Frandsen Bank and Trust newsletter. Many business owners don’t worry about being hacked; they feel that their company is too small for a cyber criminal to bother with them. But such complacency is ill founded and represents a substantial risk. Recently, the computer security software company Symantec released statistics showing that 52.4 percent of phishing attacks (cyber attacks directed via fake emails) were aimed at small and medium-sized businesses last year. Read more


October 2016 - Child Identity theft

Sanjay Deo quoted in an article on child identity theft in U.S. News and World Report.   Read more


October 2016 - NSU Cybersecurity Day

24By7Security, Inc. gives back to the local South Florida community by sponsoring and presenting Cybersecurity issues affecting teens at a Cybersecurity Day event at Nova Southeastern University.The audience was composed of teenagers from local high schools selected by their teachers for the privilege of attending this event at the university. It’s the second year in a row that 24By7Security, Inc. has supported NSU’s Cybersecurity Day event. Read more


September 2016 - Security and privacy implications of telemedicine

Read about the security and privacy implications of telemedicine in this article in South Florida Hospital News and Healthcare Report, written by Rema Deo – Telemedicine is taking the medical world by storm. And one can easily see why. Telemedicine, the remote diagnosis and treatment of patients by means of telecommunications technology, allows healthcare professionals to provide services in ways not known before in traditional medical appointments. Let’s look at what steps a medical practice must take to keep their telemedicine channels, equipment and data secure and private. Read more


June 2016 - Why Doctors and Hospitals need an incident response plan

Rema Deo writes about “Why Doctors and Hospitals need an incident response plan” in the South Florida Hospital News and Healthcare report in their June issue focused on disaster planning.  – You’ve been breached. Now what? Perhaps valuable patient data has been stolen. Maybe hackers are asking for ransom in exchange for your own data that is now under their control. Hackers work 24×7 planning breaches and attacks to get your valuable patient health information – and they have a high rate of success. The breach or the attack itself is not the biggest problem – being unprepared for it is!  Read more


March 2016 - Five Steps to HIPAA Compliance for a doctor's office

Rema Deo writes about “Five Steps to HIPAA Compliance for a doctor’s office” in the South Florida Hospital News and Healthcare report in their March “Annual Salute to Doctors” issue – Why do you, as a doctor, dentist or any other medical provider, need to comply with HIPAA?  HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, was enacted by the US government to not only protect patient confidentiality and privacy but also to ensure that doctors and other medical practices protect their data to prevent unauthorized persons and criminals from getting access to patients’ confidential, private and financial information. Read more


January 2016 - 24By7Security, Inc. and HIPAA-HITECH-SOLUTIONS, Inc merge

Cybersecurity service firm 24By7Security, Inc. merges with HIPAA solutions provider in South Florida – 24By7Security, Inc. and HIPAA-HITECH-SOLUTIONS, Inc. merge to provide higher benefits of common cyber security services to clients in all industries. Since 2013, HIPAA-HITECH-SOLUTIONS, Inc. has focused their expertise on HIPAA privacy and security risk management for the healthcare industry, but in an effort to extend their services to customers in multiple industries and geographies, the company has officially merged with  24By7Security, Inc., a well-known Cybersecurity service provider in South Florida.  Read more


December 2015 - Board of Directors of SFISSA

Michael R. Brown has been elected the Vice President of the Board of Directors of SFISSA – South Florida Information Systems Security Association. Read more


October 2015 - The new assassins - Murder by Keyboard

University of Miami and South Florida ISSA chapter invite Sanjay Deo of 24By7Security to be a panelist on “The new assassins – Murder by Keyboard” at the Cybersecurity Conference.


July 2015 - CIO Roundtable

Sanjay Deo speaks at the CIO Roundtable organized by the South Florida Business Journal. Read more


May 2015 - Incident Response (security breach)

ISACA South Florida Annual General Meeting was held with Sanjay Deo speaking on the topic of incident response to a security breach. Read more


May 2015 - Cybersecurity Impact on Corporate America

Sanjay Deo moderated a panel discussion at the CIO Council quarterly roundtable – Cybersecurity Impact on Corporate America. Read more


March 2015 - HCISPP

Sanjay Deo, Founder and President of 24By7Security, Inc. was awarded the Healthcare Information Security and Privacy Practitioner designation. Read more


March 2015 - Cybersecurity - General Audit Management IIA conference

Sanjay Deo speaks on Cybersecurity at the General Audit Management conference hosted by the Institute of Internal Auditors in Las Vegas. Read more


October 2014 - Healthcare Cyber Security Summit

The Second Annual Healthcare Cyber Security Summit was held Oct. 15, 2014 at Nova Southeastern University and welcomed more than 50 IT executives to participate in a special presentation and panel discussion by top healthcare security professionals including Sanjay Deo, founder and CEO of 24By7Security, Inc. Read more


August 2013 - Battle Hack in tech hub Miami

Sanjay Deo, President of 24By7Security, who helped organize the Battle Hack in Miami, is quoted in the Miami Herald. “The Foundation is doing the right thing in presenting Miami as a tech hub,” said Deo, founder and president of 24By7Security. “We are producing fine graduates, there is great technology being produced, but there are not a lot of platforms to showcase Miami as a tech hub. We are now taking it to the next level to showcase what we have,” said Deo, who has also been involved in the Group of Groups, CIO Council and ITPalooza. Read more