Virtual CISO or Part-time CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) Services

With ever-growing Cybersecurity concerns, one of the most important roles in a company is that of its Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). The CISO is a senior-level executive responsible to provide leadership, strategy and guidance to manage the risks to confidentiality, integrity and availability of the organization’s information assets. Large companies have a hierarchy of people in the Chief Information Security Officer’s department. However, if you are a small to medium-sized company, then you may not have the resources or even the need for a full-time CISO.

24By7 Security

Our services for part-time CISO

This is where 24By7Security comes in. By acting as your enterprise’s part-time CISO, you can focus on your business and clients, while we manage your cyber risks. Our leadership consists of Cybersecurity experts with hands-on experience who have served in various capacities such as Chief Information Officer (CIO), Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Technology Director and active-duty top-secret roles. We will work with you and your executives to prepare your information security strategy and execute it.

The services we offer include:

  • Developing IT security charter, roadmap, budget
  • Developing IT security policy, procedures and checklists
  • Developing IT security risk management program
  • Revising IT security, incident response and third-party management policy, procedures and checklists
  • Developing and assisting in implementation of Cyber/IT Security Control framework
  • Advise Board and C-suite executives.
Virtual CISO