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Non-compliance is costly. The penalties for non-compliance are based on the level of negligence and can range depending on the current penalty ranges. Not only does it often mean hefty fines, but it also has the potential to hurt an organization’s reputation, decrease the morale of its employees, and restrict its ability to perform critical functions.

What makes compliance particularly challenging is that laws and regulations are ever-changing. Given that managing compliance can be a complex, resource-intensive, and challenging task, organizations need modern tools and training.  Compliance with any regulation also requires that you train your employees on the regulation and on your policies and procedures to ensure that they know what to do comply. Minimize risk across your business with curated content and information security compliance training designed to target standards and goals.

Building Your Program

Our approach considers the expectations of your vendors, regulators, and employees. Experience a new way of online training that provides both customizability and interactivity for the learner experience. Utilizing  a simple and feature-rich Learning Management System (LMS), we offer the most authentic and engaging eLearning courses on the market. You will not only have access to reports on your employees' progress but your employees will have unprecedented control over when, where, and how they engage.   

Building a culture of compliance also involves building a culture of ethics in the organization. Ethics and Compliance go hand in hand. Building a culture of ethical decision making also instills pride in the employees' minds for the company.

Remote Work Flexibility

As more employees work remotely in response to the spread of COVID-19, help your employees remain productive and collaborate no matter where they are working from. Easily create new content modules or import existing content using our intuitive course builder.

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Make the courses you need, catered to you and your company. Make it memorable by integrating your firm’s policies, branding and much, much, more.

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