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Ready, Set, Go to HITRUST!

Three great reasons to use the HITRUST CSF Framework

  1. Adopting the Framework demonstrates your commitment to robust information security and sound risk management.
  2. Eight out of 10 top cloud service providers, 75% of Fortune 20 companies, and thousands of other organizations use it.
  3. 24By7Security is licensed to help organizations like yours prepare for successful adoption of the HITRUST CSF Framework and your HITRUST Assessment.

Are you ready? Then let's go!

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HITRUST Readiness Services

Our service is designed to help you achieve HITRUST CSF Framework validation—and ultimately compliance with the regulatory requirements that apply to your specific industry, business, or sector. Our HITRUST Readiness Services include:

  • Assistance in completing the self-assessment questionnaire, determine which level of requirements apply to your organization, and the controls and specifications to be implemented.
  • Assistance in implementing the CSF Framework that applies to your unique organization, identifying compliance gaps, and remediating those gaps until all requirements are met.
  • Preparation of policies, procedures, reports, and other documentation required by the CSF Framework.
  • Assistance in preparing for audit by an authorized HITRUST Assessor to determine whether you are certified compliant with the applicable HITRUST CSF Framework.
  • Assistance in addressing remaining activities that may be required to achieve applicable industry-specific compliance.
  • Ongoing maintenance to prevent erosion of compliance over time, as may occur with the introduction or retirement of technology, systems, infrastructure, or key personnel.

Let's Get Going - It's Easy!

  1. Consult with our experts to guide your process
  2. Complete your self-assessment questionnaire
  3. Begin adoption of the CSF Framework