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We are talking with industry leaders and Cybersecurity professionals and executives to provide you with insight on the Cybersecurity realm and Compliance trends and regulations! How will Cybersecurity impact the future of your business and aid in economic prosperity? Here is what they have to say 

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Manny Amador, Cyber cornerManny Amador

CISO / CyberSecurity Executive / Strategic Advisor / Security & Privacy Consultant at IBM 

I have over 35 years of Senior Information Technology, Privacy and Security Leadership with Strong Project Management experience! I am a self-motivated professional with demonstrated success in Strategic and Tactical IT/Security/Privacy positions!

I have 15 years experience in a Director Level with Project, Program, Resource and Process Management Expertise, over 25 years of Risk Management and IT Compliance experience, and I also am a 20 year retired U.S. Naval Officer – CWO3.

You can say that I am a visionary with the knack for getting it done!

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Yair Levy Ph.D. cyber cornerYair Levy, Ph.D.

Professor of Information Systems and Cybersecurity at Nova Southeastern University
Director of the Center for Information Protection, Education, and Research (CIPHER) 

Prior to joining the college, I was an instructor at the department of Decision Science and Information Systems and the director of Online Learning at the College of Business Administration at Florida International University. During the mid to late 1990s, I assisted NASA to develop e-learning platforms as well as manage Internet and Web infrastructures. I earned my undergraduate degree in Aerospace Engineering from the Technion (Israel Institute of Technology).

I joined Nova Southeastern University as an Assistant Professor back in 2003, was promoted to an Associate Professor in 2007, and to full Professor in 2012. I am frequently invited as a keynote speaker and conduct regular media interviews as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) on cybersecurity topics.

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Adam GreshAdam Gresh

CISO at Modernizing Medicine

For more than 20 years, I have been creating and leading teams of software engineers and operations specialists in developing and deploying applications for everything from billing systems for life insurance to tracking helicopter maintenance to modernizing the way that doctors interact with patients.

In my role as a security specialist, I have been involved in every stage of securing applications including gathering and documenting requirements, implementing software, network and hardware remediation solutions, creating, managing and enforcing security policies and procedures, conducting and managing penetration tests and identifying, communicating and managing risk.

I am an expert agile craftsman who has been providing technical leadership by example since 1996.

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