COVID-19 Security Resources

A collection of resources from 24By7Security to help protect you from cyber threats 

Our world has changed tremendously. We thought to put together a collection of resources to help you navigate your cybersecurity and compliance needs during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The 24By7Security team always has valued sharing knowledge. Educating others on cyber hygiene, online safety, cybersecurity and compliance is why we've launched our extensive free resource library years ago. 

Our resource library is packed with insights, including webinars with experts, blog articles on HIPAA compliance and beyond, analysis on cybersecurity risk assessments, white papers filled with deep insights, and more.

For instance, we co-produced "Work From Home Best Practices," a new three-part webinar series featuring practical tips for a remote workforce. In addition to our company's created content, we are sharing links to public health entities to help you stay informed. 

Our response and the threat landscape

In response to COVID-19, we immediately set up our team to work from home and to cease face-to-face meetings (until the foreseeable future) in honor of social distancing. We followed this advice to help keep you, our community and team safe. Since, we've stayed connected through video teleconferencing, email and the good old fashioned phone call.

Today, what we're witnessing as cybersecurity and regulatory compliance advisers is that cyber attacks are exponentially on the rise. Bad actors, as the FBI also reports, are exploiting the pandemic to steal information, targeting hospitals, enterprises' with new remote workforce, educational and financial institutions and beyond. This means, maximizing your cybersecurity is more important than ever.

24By7Security's IT security analysts specialize in remote security risk assessments, so that we can identify our clients' security vulnerabilities while still maintaining social distancing and keeping costs low.

Let's connect

In times of crisis, communication and knowing the facts are essential. We thought to provide you with a round-up of reliable resources so you can monitor the latest news on COVID-19. Please find the list below.

The entire team at 24By7Security is committed to helping you keep your data safe and compliance in check. Thank you for continuing to trust 24By7Security. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out at any time at or call (844) 55-CYBER for immediate help.


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COVID-19 Health Resources

Authoritative COVID-19 John Hopkins University Resources (Please go straight to John Hopkins Website as there are a lot of imitations delivering malware:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS):

World Health Organization (WHO):

American Hospital Association (AHA):

Additional Resources